2017 California-Pacific Triennial

Opening on May 6, 2017, and curated by OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz, this thought-provoking exhibition explores the topic of architecture and the temporal precariousness of the built environment. Among the issues to be addressed are the recording of history and preservation; the concept of home and displacement; and the influence of global power, economics, and political systems on global construction.

The California-Pacific Triennial, a survey of contemporary art in and around the Pacific Rim, grew from the museum’s long-standing California Biennial exhibitions (1984 through 2010). Together, the Biennials and now Triennials have become a cornerstone of the museum’s exhibition program. This is the museum’s second California-Pacific Triennial.

The artists (listed below) live and work in 11 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean and will present work that includes sculpture, installation, photography, and drawing, as well as performance-based and socially engaged activities. The majority of the works in the exhibition will be created specifically for this project or will be on public view for the first time; and many are site-specific installations.

The project raises questions that enable a greater understanding of how the contemporary built environment effects human experience in the world. The artists bring a variety of ethnic, religious, government, and personal histories to the conversation. Among the issues to be addressed are the
recording of history and preservation; the concept of home and displacement; and the influence of power, economics, and political systems on global construction.

“In time of rapid growth and accelerated construction around the Pacific Rim, we can no longer consider architecture as permanent. The need for revised thinking on time relative to the built environment has taken on a new urgency,” stated OCMA Senior Curator Cassandra Coblentz. “It has been exciting over the past several months to talk with many artists from around the region and welcome some of these artists here to respond to our site in Orange County. Their insight has offered an important foundational understanding of the topic while also providing a broad range of innovative
perspectives on the subject.”

The 25 participating artists in the 2017 California-Pacific Triennial are presenting work in a full range of media—drawing, photography, sculpture, and installation as well as performance-based and socially engaged work. The majority of the works to be shown will be created specifically for this
project or will be on public view for the first time. Many are site-specific installations. While a few participants are trained as architects, all of the artists focus on architecture, the built environment, or the concept of the lasting or temporal nature of building.

A History of the California Biennial and California-Pacific Triennial programs at OCMA Between 1984 and 2010, OCMA presented the only regular survey of contemporary art in California, consistently offering audiences the newest developments in one of the world’s great creative centers, and supporting the work of many artists who have gone on to enjoy major international careers. In that time, the California Biennial presented the work of 248 contemporary artists, including Edgar Arceneaux, Tony Berlant, Walead Beshty, Andrea Bowers, Mark Bradford, Bruce Conner, Sean Duffy, Sam Durant, Kota Ezawa, Malik Gaines, Katy Grannan, Karl Haendel, Stanya Kahn, Glenn Kaino, Mike Kelly, Rachel Lachowicz, William Leavitt, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Ed Moses, Ruben Ochoa, Yoshua Okón, Monique Prieto, Sterling Ruby, Mario Ybarra, Jr., and John Zurier, to name just a few.

Building on this successful history, OCMA leadership determined in 2012 that the program needed to be re-defined. In 2013, the California-Pacific Triennial launched, producing a more cosmopolitan conversation about contemporary art, and one that is particularly relevant to California. As artists from around the world have increasingly made California their home, the California Biennials began to represent the diversity of this state and the global nature of contemporary art.

2017 California-Pacific Triennial: Participating artists

Stanley Wong | Hong Kong, China

Carmen Argote | Los Angeles, USA

Michele Asselin |Los Angeles, USA

Cedric Bomford | Victoria, Canada

Santiago Borja | Mexico City, Mexico

Leyla Cardenas | Bogotá, Colombia

Cesar Cornejo | Lima, Peru; Tampa, USA

Beatriz Cortez | Los Angeles, USA

Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman

Teddy Cruz | San Diego, USA

Fonna Forman | San Diego, USA

Ken Ehrlich | Los Angeles, USA

Yuki Kimura | Kyoto, Japan

Patricia Fernández | Los Angeles, USA

Lead Pencil Studio

Annie Han | Seattle, USA

Daniel Mihalyo | Seattle, USA

Renée Lotenero | Los Angeles, USA

Cybele Lyle | Oakland, USA

Ronald Morán | San Salvador, El Salvador

Trong Gia Nguyen | Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

Nancy Popp | Los Angeles, USA

Olga Koumoundouros | Los Angeles, USA

Pilar Quinteros | Santiago, Chile

Bryony Roberts | Los Angeles, USA

Alex Slade | Los Angeles, USA

Super Critical Mass

Julian Day | Sydney, Australia

Luke Jaaniste | Brisbane, Australia

Wang Wei | Beijing, China

Haegue Yang | Berlin, Germany; Seoul, South Korea

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