NLS Food Marketing Summit

The Next Level Summits (NLS) Food Marketing Summit is coming to Palm Springs May 2 and 3. This is the ideal peer-to-peer networking environment for Top Level Executives in Marketing, Communications, Social Media and many other related fields within the food industry. Featuring thought leaders from the world’s leading food manufacturers, discussing the key issues affecting the current and future growth of your business.

Founded in 2007, with over 50 years combined Industry knowledge and expertise, NLS was created on a sole principle: provide the most qualified Executives with the highest quality services in the most needy of times at the most competitive price. It is the goal of NLS to make certain that every client is handled with professionalism from the initial booking process to well after each Summit is completed.

With every Summit carefully planned at least one year in advance, this unique business model allows clients to capture the entire immensely growing Food industry from product concept at the Food Evolution Summit, straight through to product delivery at the Food Chain Summit. Only when a product has been properly branded and ready to be launched, does it makes its way at the Food Marketing Summit and finally when clients realize that millions of dollars have been spent they must ensure all the proper Safety; Quality and Regulatory checks are met at the Food Quality Symposium.

For more information on this and other summits put on by the NLS, visit their website at

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