Tesla: A Radio Play For The Stage

Tesla tells the story of Nikola Tesla’s life as a brilliant but controversial inventor and futurist during the late-19th and early-20th century. The play is excitingly staged as a radio drama featuring live sound effects. Tesla’s volatile relationship with Thomas Edison, his allegiance with George Westinghouse, and his confrontation with the power brokers of American business are recounted from the perspective of the possible implications of his work to national security.

TACIT’s presentation of Tesla by Dan Duling was produced at the Pasadena Playhouse Mainstage where it sold out all 650 seats in the audience. Special guest stars included French Stewart (Mom, 3rd from the Sun, Stoneface) as Tesla; Phil Proctor (“Big Brother,” Toy Story) as Thomas Edison; and Sandra Tsing Loh (Caltech alum, host of “The Loh Down on Science,” contributing editor at The Atlantic Monthly) as Katherine.

The show also starred several members of the Caltech community: Dr. Ashley Stroupe (JPL Mars Rover Opportunity Driver); Steven Collins (JPL Mars Rover Curiosity Engineer); Peter Jones (Caltech alum); Diana St. James (Chair of Caltech Playreaders); and K. Zachary Abbott (The PhD Movie, Systems Administrator in the IMSS Department at Caltech). The radio drama was directed by acclaimed Los Angeles director Michael Arabian with live sound effects by the SFX artist Tony Palermo.

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