Michelle Branch On Tour Supporting New Studio Album

Michelle Branch has recently released her first studio album in 14 years since the release of Hotel Paper in 2003. Hopeless Romantic is an album about relationships, overcoming break-ups and tending to new love. Branch describes it as her first real autobiographical album.

Ready to hit the road to promote her new songs, My Cali Events got a chance to talk with Branch about her new album, upcoming tour and relationship advice.

MyCaliEvents: Patrick Carney produced your newest album Hopeless Romantic. How was it having someone you are involved with produce your album about relationships?

Michelle Branch: He was always easy to work with. He made working on the album easy and took me out of my comfort zone quite often, which was the push I needed.
We didn’t start dating until half way through the album. He was very supportive and encouraging. He did ask me to not let him know whom the songs were about. Funny enough the good and happy ones were about him.

MyCaliEvents: Which songs on the album are meant for Patrick?

Michelle Branch: All The Positive, Encouraging Good Ones, Carry Me Home, Your Good and Last Night.

MyCaliEvents: Hopeless Romantic is about your past relationships and letting go and moving on. What’s your best piece of advice for someone who is going through a breakup?

Michelle Branch: I was fortunate that my little sister was going through a break up at the time I was experiencing mine. Having a support system is one of the most important things. I also like to remember that everything happens for a reason. I tried to stay positive about it and not let the negative affect me.

My Cali Events: What is your favorite part about being on the road?

Michelle Branch: My favorite part is getting to travel and see different places. I enjoy going back to a city I have been to before and know what deli and frozen custard stand I am going to. You find those boutique guitar shops and shopping places you want to stop by and every city has something different to offer.

My Cali Events: Patrick is coming with you on tour; will he be playing drums for you during the tour?

Michelle Branch: Yes he will be on tour all summer and I am really excited to have him there. He helps bring different perspectives to each song.

MyCaliEvents: You have to be one of the few artists that have always stayed true to your particular style since day one. Was there ever any pressure to change your music?

Michelle Branch: I was put in a position quite a few times and had numerous talks about going pop at the time Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were doing it. I thought that if I went that route my fans would be disappointed. I am a songwriter and I write my own music, had I not been it could have been easier to get caught up in having conformed to what the labels wanted.

My Cali Events: What are your plans after the tour?

Michelle Branch: I have a wedding to plan! Patrick and I are also fortunate to have a studio in-house in Nashville. There is always a lot of creativity flowing through our house. I’m already working on our next album.

Be sure to catch Branch on tour, she will be playing at the Music Box in San Diego Sat, July 22, House of Blues Anaheim Sun, July 23, and El Rey theater in Los Angeles on Mon, July 25.

For more information about the Hopeless Romantic Tour please go to

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